• SwingPhonyx

    Vocal Rhythm & Jazz

    Your smallest Big Band

    Two musicians with the sound of a complete Big Band?
    SwingPhonix makes it possible: in every live performance - only with piano, keyboard and vocal harmonies! Multiple wind sections, thanks to the most advanced stage technology, stirring grooves and racy solos will present to you the highlights of the Jazz-, Swing- and Rock´n´Roll era. So real and convincing, like a full fleched Jazz ensemble.

    Telephone: +49 (0) 15 22 60 56 526


    Wide ranged repertoire:

    • Showprogram of the musical highlights from Swing-, Jazz- and Rock'n'Roll era (you find a selection in the SwingPhonyx-Medley)

    • Smooth music for clubs, bars, restaurants, lobbies, dinner and chillout

    • International popular and dance music for parties and all kinds of events


  • Minou Paas

    (Lead- & Backup Vocals)

    At the age of 17 she already sang and performed on stage and appeared in TV Shows such as Musikladen, Bananas, WWF-Club etc. under the name "Melissa“. Her songs were released by well-known record lables like CBS and EMI. In Los Angeles, where she lived many years, she immersed herself deeper into her passion for Jazz. “Those soulful voices I have listend to on the Jazz records of my mother already mesmerized me as a little girl“. Minou´s enchanting sensitive voice interprets a wide musical range, from velvety Bossa Novas and Jazz ballades to wild and hot Rockabilly grooves.


  • Jo Benson

    (Piano, Keyboard, Lead- & Backup Vocals, Bluesharp)

    Born and raised in a family of musicians, he began to play the piano and accordion already at the age of 5 years old. With 12 years of age he stood on stage for the first time and from that moment on he performed all over the world and in many European countries as a pianist, singer, composer and music arranger.
    Additionally he presented several TV-documentary shows in Spain. He was the creative force behind several jazz bands as well as the arranger and composer of four-voice vocal harmonies groups in the style of the 40s and 50s.
    As a result of his life long experience, he developed his own special technic and added modern electronic refinement to present the old jazz standards in a vital, charming but faithful new version, without diminishing the sound of the good old days. In the charismatic voice of Minou he finds his perfect match. "The love and devotion to Jazz combined with hard work and discipline, creates a connection between us. I believe that is exactly what thrills our audience.“